Rodents (mice and rats) cause a lot of damage that is translated in the loss of huge amounts of money.

A lot of sites are subject to such extensive damage such as:


Electricity Rooms /Electricity Boards/ Cable Rooms /Cable Tunnels /Central Computer Systems /Communication Systems/ Acoustic Ceilings/ Floating Floors/ Food Factories /Shingled Roofs/ Basements / Water facilities of all kinds / Hospitals / Hotels Etc...

Damage to such places can be avoided by using a central ultrasonic rodents repellent system that emits ultrasonic sound to drive pests away.


Ultrasonic System Operation Concept 

The central ultrasonic repellent system is a green system that emits a high-frequency sound that is inaudible and harmless to humans. The frequency of the ultrasonic sound is changing randomly using two channels. The ultrasonic sound is audible and very painful to rodents (mice, rats) creating a very stressful environment for them. After a short while the rodents leave the place and do not come back.


The Ultrasonic System Advantages 

• It is an electronic pest control green system. 

• Using the ultrasonic system drives away the existing rodents at the location and prevents from new ones to come in. 

• No need to use different kinds of traps and/or dangerous poisons. 

• Cost effective in saving energy in dependence with the number of speakers used.

• No specific knowledge required operating the system. After installation and initial setting the system operates automatically.

• The initial design allows system-growing adding additional speakers while your business area expands.

• Makes no harm to rodents.


Technical Data 

The system comprises from a switchboard, junction boxes, and active speakers installed at the site according to a specific planning for each site. 




• We decide which to use according to the needs in the protected site.

• Usually installed on a wall.

• Support 12-80 speakers.

• The switchboard operates two transmission channels operating intermittently.

• The timing between the two channels can be controlled. 

• System operating power 12VDC.


Active Speaker 

• The active speaker comprises of a special speaker operating at high frequencies and an advanced electronic circuit board.

• Waves dispersion angle 140º

• The electronic circuit board is randomly switching between four different frequencies and amplifies sound level. 

• The speaker has a control light indicating when the speaker is in operating mode.

• Speaker size 85mm X 65mm X 70mm. 

• Installed on a special mount enabling easy installation and adjustment to any direction needed.


Junction Box 

Standard 8cm X 8cm adapted boxes, enabling easy and flawlessly speakers’ connection to the system.





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